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1970 Nova SS "4th Quarter Nova"

   Meet the 4th Quarter Nova. Named this because we are putting the FOURTH quarter on the car and we are her last hope for a new life on the road! Purchased from a dealership in Georgia. Professionally inspected by an independent party and then shipped to it's owner in WI, you would expect this once "fully restored" Nova SS to be in pristine condition. But a few small problems kept popping up. While looking into an oil leak, the owner did some additional investigating and discovered a completely rotted out body mount and spray foam to hide it at the front passenger side of the body. That was just the beginning. He tore down the car and uncovered a mess of botch repairs and a badly wrecked body with damaged structure that was repaired just enough to hide it and get the car sold. Luckily, we can fix it CORRECTLY. Watch as we bring this Nova back to life again


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Your classic vehicle is an investment. It may even be a member of the family. At Driven Restorations LLC we take pride in providing honest, professional restoration and maintenance services exclusively for classic cars and trucks. We use the highest quality products and correct refinishing processes to make the car of your dreams a reality. Learn more about the services we offer and see some show stopping Before and After photos on our About page or watch featured Videos. Completed restorations and current builds can be viewed in our Portfolio. For information about getting the wheels under your dream build, contact us via email at or call (920)326-9314 to schedule an appointment and request an estimate.

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